Hi, I am Rajat gupta

I am a portrait photographer based in Varanasi . I started my love for photography in college, where I would snapshot my closest loved ones and friends. From there, this small hobby turned into a career for me.

If I'm not behind the lens, you will catch me spending time with my family & listening to Music .

My wife , Avnika , has been my number one motivator since I started this journey, encouraging me to push the boundaries and to get back up when I'm feeling down. I wouldn't be where I'm at in my career without her !

Photography is my passion and I want my passion to be shared with every single one of you. Despite the amount of clients I come across, I put my heart and soul into every shoot from start to finish. I want to be more then just your photographer , I want to become a part of your family, capturing all of those little moments you can look back and relive on.

If you believe I am a perfect fit for this, let gets chatting. I can't wait to become apart of your journey! :)

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